Using the SWATBiz app, Hagibis Ventures, Inc. created the Mobility transport service to provide Philippine companies with a reliable and cost-effective means of transporting employees on time – all while maintaining safety standards.

What we provided for VBP:

  • User registration and app support/orientation
  • Bookings for Workbound and Homebound shuttle services
  • Vehicle assignments and route planning were all done digitally
  • Booking confirmations and pickup schedules via the passenger app
  • Command center monitoring and support during service runs, incl deployment of backup vehicles if necessary
  • For the passenger, real-time tracking of trip and vehicle position and situation during the service run, including updated pickup times if needed all done through the passenger app.
  • Reports such as passenger manifests (incl boarding and arrival times and actual vs planned variances) and any incidents within minutes after the conclusion of service
  • Daily service run retrospectives (if needed by client) to review reports and incidents, and obtain feedback

What were the results:

  • There was an immediate reduction of the fleet size by 20%+ due to optimized routes and vehicle loads while still considering passenger experience.
  • Service vehicles are fully utilized during peak times and account for around 90% of the current vehicle trip capacity.

What to look forward to:

  • Optimization savings become dramatically higher as the number of users grow and the vehicle fleet increases in size.
  • Fleet can scale up and down (minimum of 5) depending on the demand established for the service runs (usually after an agreed cutoff time – e.g. 8 pm the day before).
  • Services can be designed to be from door-to-door, point-to-point or anything in between.
  • Engagement of larger vehicles (like mini-buses) can be optimized effectively by the SWAT route planning and generation engine.