What are the benefits of MOBILITY to commuters?

We launched MOBILITY as a reasonably-priced option for commuters, one that is more convenient and comfortable and can help them save time from multiple transfers and long wait times. As a corporate employee shuttle service that is direct from home to office, commuters do not have to worry about getting to work on time, they are now able to have more time to rest and spend less time traveling. 

Why do you think employees would use MOBILITY to commute to work?

MOBILITY fares are priced reasonably as compared to other commute options available to them. The idea of MOBILITY was birthed with having the employees’ well-being as our focus. We included the flexibility of advanced booking and free cancellation to offer employees more options to decide on their mode of transport. 

Why did OP360 decide to adopt MOBILITY for its employees?

We are excited to be one of the first BPO companies in Cebu to pursue an innovative solution for employee transport. Being a people-first company is an integral part of our employer brand, our people’s safety remains our top priority and we are happy to offer “OP360 Mobility” for our community as a long-term solution to help meet our people’s transportation needs. We thank our partners at SWAT, Hagibis, and Cebu Trip for this opportunity, and we look forward to offering this service to the rest of our employees in the Philippines.

– David Highbloom, Chief Administrative Officer at OP360. 

What does the launch of MOBILITY mean for Cebu? 

Apart from making it easier to travel around, MOBILITY relies on technology that pools multiple commuters in larger vehicles – reducing private car usage and pollution levels by cutting down on traffic congestion during peak hours. Smart mobility is developing rapidly, going beyond merely aiding passengers with commuter services and traffic management – now being used by businesses as an essential tool in their day-to-day operations.

What is the purpose behind launching MOBILITY? What are the plans for MOBILITY?

We believe that the MOBILITY corporate commuter service has value to both the companies and their employees and the economic viability of the pay-per-ride model. It offers a more sustainable way for companies to offer transportation for their employees. Employees are also able to reduce their commuting expenses while enjoying the benefits of direct and comfortable rides to work. So far, we are heartened by the uptake in Cebu and we plan to expand this service with more BPO, manufacturing, and FMCG companies, in other regions in the Philippines, such as Manila, in the coming year.