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Everything you need to know so you use the Mobility corporate commuter service like a pro!

Creating an account

Who is eligible to use this service?

Employees of an enlisted partner company are eligible to use the service.

Is the app free to download?

It’s free to download and it only takes a minute to set up your account, so we suggest getting started right away!

Apple Store

Google Play Store:

Huawei Store

How do I register for the app?

Ensure that the location and notifications are enabled on the app. You need your Employer ID number and phone number to register your account.


  1. Enter your company code: “XXXXX” and 5-digit Employee ID (0#####), then click Next.
  2. Set your password.
  3. Enter the OTP sent to the phone number you have provided to verify your account. If you have trouble getting verified, please contact the HR/Admin Staff to make sure that your enrollment details are correct.
  4. Once you’re verified,  you can enter your home address. It will be set as your default location under Settings.

You can also follow the instructions in this video.

What if the OTP is sent to the wrong number during registration?

Please notify your HR Admin right away. You need to make sure you keep your details up-to-date with your HR Admin or you might miss out on some great opportunities!

Can I register with a foreign number?

Yes, you can register with a foreign number as long as you can receive the OTP on that number via SMS.

I did not receive a verification number. What do I do?

For verification purposes, your phone number will need to match the number that you have enrolled with SWATBiz. Ensure that you have entered a valid number and you are able to receive SMS OTP on this phone number.

If you have changed your phone number, please approach your Duty Manager to update your number in order to proceed with verification.

Can we book anytime? even on Rest days?

Yes, this can be arranged, however there is a chance that bookings may be canceled if there are a few passengers only in a service run. 

Can we use this aside from going to and from the office?

We are working on expanding our services to other cities and locales.

Managing a booking

Can I change my drop-off location?

The service is going to or from the office but the pick-up or drop-off location can be anywhere within the geofence.

When can I make a booking for my ride?

We recommend that you book your rides well ahead in advance, especially when you already know your shift schedule. The earliest time you can book is 24 hours or at least 3 hours before your target time of arrival.

The 3-hour to 24-hour window allows the system to assign drivers and determine efficient routes based on the bookings that have been made in a day within the cut-off.

Why do you need 3-hours to run a batch of bookings?

Since this ride involves a few other commuters, pooling and grouping them will take some time. Also some commuters maybe be coming all the way from far pick-up points.

By any chance, we have to cancel a booking, is there a certain timeframe for cancellation?

By any chance, we have to cancel a booking, is there a certain timeframe for cancellation?

Yes, the booking can be canceled at least 2 hours before the cut-off but if it’s beyond that timeframe, the booking will be considered a confirmed ride and is chargeable to the employee.

How do I cancel?

Just go to Manage My Bookings > Cancel.

Will I be charged for my cancellation?

Cancellations made after the cut-off are chargeable to the employee.

Since we cannot cancel, can we move the time of pickup or drop-off if it is already past the 2-hour timeframe?

With the booking cut-off, the system has already determined the routes and assigned drivers, which means moving the pick-up/drop-off time or making modifications to the booking details beyond the 2-hour window will not permit the system to adjust the booking.

If there are only a few employees who book at a certain time, is there a chance that the booking will be canceled?

Yes, there is a chance that bookings may be canceled due to having few passengers in a service run. We don’t expect to see this often, but when it does come up, we will be pro-actively coordinating with your company for the assessment and approach.

Managing your account

I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can reset your password in the app by clicking ‘Forget Password’, please follow the instructions prompted on the screens.

Fares & Payment

How is my fare calculated?

Your fare is calculated by air distance. Air distance is the shortest straight line from your pick-up point to your drop-off location.

Are we following our company's payroll cut-offs for salary deductions?

Yes, we will follow your company’s standard salary cut-off. Most companies have a salary cut-off of 1-15 and 16-30.


Where can I view your privacy policy?

SWAT’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy can be viewed in the app under Settings > Legal section.

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