Hagibis launches their smart mobility solution in Cebu.

Mobility by Hagibis 1

Hagibis Ventures, Inc. just partnered with SWAT Mobility Pte Ltd to launch a new service that makes it easier for companies looking to offer transportation as an employee benefit. Aptly called Mobility, this service launched on September 7, 2021 in Cebu ferrying employees of Virtual Business Partners Pty. Ltd. (VBP) to work and home.

Even in stormy weather, VBP employees made it to work safe, dry and on time. Employees have anecdotally commented that their trip was shorter than usual. “The technology behind the service is what creates routes that are efficient in terms of cost, fuel and time,” says VBP General Manager, Nath Moyes.

Bernie Marquez, president of Hagibis Ventures, Inc., sees an even  bigger vision. ”A van-rideshare may seem like a small incentive for employees; however, it is actually much more than that. Especially when there is smart technology behind it.”

Smart mobility is a critical driver in creating smart cities. Apart from making the transport system more efficient, this technology helps create better infrastructure for our roads as well as reduce pollution levels by reducing traffic congestion on roadways. Business-wise, it has several applications as well.  It is continuously evolving from passenger convenience, traffic management to becoming an integral component for business logistics in today’s world.

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