Doing overtime? You can still book a Mobility ride with the new additions to our service timings.

Beginning October 31, you’ll be able to book into 4 new service runs to allow more flexibility for you to enjoy the convenience and savings from Mobility’s rides. Our new timings offer more opportunities for you to rebook your rides due to overtime or work-related emergency changes.
You can check out the newly-added timings below:
Added AM Service

Cut-off    Homebound    Workbound
5:30               7:30                  9:30
7:30               9:30                11:30
Added PM Service
Cut-off   Homebound   Workbound
17:30            19:30               21:30
19:30            21:30              23:30

Just remember that if you need to cancel your trip, please do so 2 hours before your scheduled pick-up or drop-off. Passengers who fail to do so will charged the full fare.Here’s a quick glance at our entire schedule.